The Outreach Project: How we help children get off the streets

31. May 2023
The Outreach Project: How we help children get off the streets

We are happy to report that our outreach programme has started successfully and has already received positive feedback. The work we are doing is of enormous importance as it allows us to help get children off the streets and give them a better future.

Our programme has three different approaches to help the children: We invite them to play football, teach them about drugs and give them a devotional. In the first outreach of this kind, we were already able to reach two young children who were willing to accept help. We were able to help one of the boys by placing him in a children's home, while we were able to reunite the second boy with his father. Due to problems in the family, we were also able to reintegrate him into school and we are happy to see that he is attending school regularly. We visited him and were delighted to see him at school every day.

Progress on the streets

Another type of outreach takes place on the streets where we visit the children who are sleeping there. At the last outreach we were able to reach 25 children and give them a devotion as well as food and one-to-one counselling. We came across three newly arrived children who were ready to return home after counselling. We were able to place them with a police officer (who is a former student of ours) and then reunite them with their family. They were brought back to school and needed school supplies.

Another type of outreach is to visit the children on the street during the day. We also meet children there who work on the streets during the day and sleep at the bus station at night. We were able to help a boy who sold eggs during the day and sleeps in the bus station at night. We were able to refer him to the social welfare office, which found him a home for street children.

Overall, we are very happy with the progress we have made with our outreach programme. We are committed to continue working hard and helping the children so that they can have a better life. We hope that our success will help to emphasise the importance of outreach programmes and gain community support.

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