Help for children and young people in need

Second Chance is a non-profit organization with the aim of significantly improving the living conditions of children and young people on the streets of Tanzania and giving them a sense of purpose and perspective.

Our mission

While drug abuse and criminality have increased rapidly in recent years and there is still no institutional support for children and adolescents to help them find a way out of a hopeless situation, this is exactly where we want to start:

Help and handouts for children who neither have the means nor know of measures to free themselves from this situation and find the way to a self-determined and free life. Second Chance stands for a second chance out of a hopeless situation, for liberation from dependencies, the development of strong personalities and integration into society.

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Our working areas

Second Chance works with staff and volunteers in different areas to meet children and young people in their everyday environment and help them on the spot. Many children either live on the streets or spend much of their time on the streets. The influence of intoxicants and drugs has a particularly strong impact there, as the children are exposed to all influences unfiltered. Second Chance has found different ways to help where help is especially needed.


Meeting the needy where they live: In the marketplaces, at the crossroads and in relevant squares, our staff find the children who need help the most. With our trained staff, we approach the children and show them ways to change their circumstances. With our outreach team, the journey of change begins: towards a life of freedom and self-determination.

Emergency shelter

When guardians cannot provide a stable and safe home for their children due to various reasons such as death, alcoholism, drug addiction or neglect, alternative ways are needed to provide children with the safety and development opportunities they deserve. With the Second Chance Shelter we have the possibility to take in acutely endangered children and adolescents on short notice and to offer them a home.

Second Chance's work has given me a perspective for the future. Second Chance has enabled me to attend school and graduate and has given me hope.
Jackson Sifaeli Simon, 19 years, Dodoma

Education and consulting

"Education is the gateway to freedom, democracy and development," said former South African President Nelson Mandela. As long as children are busy trying to survive, education is a luxury. As soon as we enable them to feel safe and cared for, education takes on a new meaning. Second Chance acts as an education provider to raise awareness among children and young people about drug abuse and addiction and prepares them to recognize dangers and set priorities.