Nachhaltigkeit durch Bildung

Kindern die Chance zu geben zur Schule zu gehen und für das Leben zu lernen ist der nachhaltigste Weg um eine Gesellschaft zu prägen.

Education makes the difference

With education, we empower the next generation and enable perspective, freedom and self-determination. While we meet current needs with humanitarian aid, education is the long-term solution to poverty. By imparting knowledge, children begin a process that replaces cluelessness, rites of passage and a fate-based mindset and offers them the chance for self-reliant change.

Become a sponsor and support a child

With your monthly support you can enable a child to attend school. For many children, paying school fees, buying a school uniform and purchasing school supplies is impossible. What is expendable to you makes a big difference to a child in need. By taking on a sponsorship, you are doing good and investing in the future.


In order to increase our reach, provide social organizations and education-oriented institutions with the right tools and thus reach more children and young people, Second Chance offers trainings and lectures around the topics:

  • Addiction prevention

  • Recognition and treatment of addictive disorders

  • Promotion of social-strengthening structures

  • Experiential education

  • Teaching values

We design our program in the form of lectures, workshops, learning units and seminars. We work with interactive units, frontal teaching or group scenarios in order to use the best possible form for imparting knowledge.

Second Chance has already been on the road in elementary school, secondary schools and vocational schools as well as churches and associations in Tanzania and Germany and is also coming to your city, please contact us for a possible date. We look forward to hearing from you!