Involve children in meaningful renovation work: The Second Chance Approach

30. August 2023
Involve children in meaningful renovation work: The Second Chance Approach

Amid the myriad challenges societies face, examples of impactful humanitarian efforts remind us of the potential for positive change. By involving children in the renovation of their shelter, we not only improve the physical space, but also instill a sense of ownership and self-determination.

A practical change

The Second Chance House in Tanzania provides a refuge for children in need. The need to go beyond a functional shelter led to a renovation project involving the young residents of the shelter. This approach aims to create an environment where the children actively participate in the improvement process.

Children as contributors

Second Chance's approach is based on the belief that children should play an active role in shaping their living conditions. Through discussions, creative phases and hands-on renovation work, children of different ages are invited to participate in the renovation project. The impact of the renovation project goes beyond aesthetics. Involving children in the process fosters a stronger sense of belonging to their living space. The tangible connection they build to their surroundings increases their emotional involvement and strengthens their attachment to the home as a true home.

Empowerment through participation

The children's participation in the renovation process gives them a sense of self-determination.By seeing the tangible results of their contribution, they recognize the value of their opinions and contributions. This hands-on experience strengthens their self-esteem and gives them the understanding that they can make a difference through their actions. It is important to us to involve children in meaningful ways. Each person who participates in the renovation work experiences that hands-on involvement can lead to profound change.

Donate to Second Chance today and be a part of this special journey towards change. Together, we can lead the way for these children and show them that a second chance really can make all the difference.

There is still some renovation work to be done, with your donation you make it possible that the children's living space takes shape and the lives of young people are strengthened. Your commitment is an accelerator for change in the lives of the children.

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