Beds for children in need

10. May 2023
Beds for children in need

The Second Chance House is a place of hope for children from the street. These children often have no family and live in a world full of uncertainty and danger. The Second Chance House offers these children a safe home where they can feel secure and build a better future.

Furnishing the house is a continuous process. In recent weeks, we have focused on improving the sleeping area of the house. We chose three-tier beds, as they perfectly fit the limited space in the house and at the same time create more space for more children. The beds are made of sturdy metal and provide a stable and safe sleeping environment.

The mattresses we use on the beds are nothing special, but they are functional and serve the cause. The children who live in the Second Chance house just need a place where they can sleep without worrying. The mattresses are made of soft material that provides a comfortable and pleasant sleep for the children.

The new beds and mattresses are a small improvement, but they have a big impact on the lives of the children at Second Chance House. The children can finally get a good night's sleep and rest, which helps them focus better on school and activities.

The establishment of the Second Chance House is a collaborative project. We have the support of volunteers and donors who help improve the lives of the children in the house. Without this support, we would not be able to create a safe and comfortable home for these children. Thank you to our loyal supporters, you make it possible for children in need to be helped!

The Second Chance House is more than just a place to sleep. It is a place of hope and courage. The children who live here have been given a second chance, and we are proud to be a part of that journey. By furnishing the house, we want to show the children that they are valuable and that they have a future to look forward to.

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